Script Writing GIF.gif

Script Writing

I'm happy to help you develop a script that conveys information effectively. Be it blunt and corporate, or fun and conversational, I will ensure it makes things as easy as possible for your voice over artist.

Storyboarding GIF.gif


Not sure how to translate vague or technical subject matter into simple, captivating visuals? I will collaborate with your team to turn your expertise into a detailed storyboard that assures we are on the same page for animation.

Design GIF.gif


Need to start from scratch? Forget a dedicated graphic designer; I'll build your assets and layouts, ensuring faster revisions, a smoother workflow and a lower bottom line.

Animation GIF.gif


This is what you're here for. Whether you have still assets that need to be brought to life, or a broad concept to flesh out, I will deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. I can pick up at any stage in production, solo or with your team.

Video Editing GIF.gif

Video Editing

Whether your video features primarily live action footage or just brief excerpts, I'm here to help. I recommend letting me tackle your video editing, but I can also animate and export in formats that make your own editor's life easy.

Template Design GIF.gif

Template Design

Enjoy the practicality of a template without a stock website, sacrificing your brand's personal touch. I can construct your animation as a user-friendly template file that even an absolute novice can modify in seconds, often without even leaving Adobe Premiere.