Here are some notable recent projects of mine.

This simple logo reveal was requested by a client based on an auto manufacturer's similar design of a few years ago. I aimed to create this effect with just a vector file and After Effects to meet the client's budget, and I'm pleased with the results.

Osseus Fusion Systems needed to illustrate the construction and usage of one of their medical implant devices. Using their 3D renders and the examples they provided, I added these laser, bone growth, and zoom animations to give their clients a visual reference.

With the launch of their Dynamic Earth Hall, the Perot Museum of Nature & Science needed some 4K animated infographic loops to display throughout the exhibit. With just an outline to work with, I designed and animated these layouts to meet a tight deadline.

Another animation for the Dynamic Earth Hall, this sequence was particularly challenging, as it required an incredible amount of data to be displayed in a single layout. I managed to achieve a visual that is easy to decipher and still looks sharp.

This was my first project with Charter Communications. They approached me with an explainer video for their Map-T technology, which facilitates IPv4 and IPv6 internet traffic. I was given a rough storyboard sketch and some broad style guides. This is the result - dense, but effective.

A minimalist logo reveal for Buckner. Sleek and simple.

This was one of my most budget-constricted projects, challenging me to push my creativity and animation fidelity as much as possible within the confines of my hour limit. This features primarily stock assets, but demonstrates what I'm able to do quickly and cheaply when needed.

Creative Ammo provided me with some still slates that needed life. I focused on a bouncy, organic movement that accentuated these designs.

This is another storyboard from Creative Ammo that I animated. The tree growth effect was especially fun to develop.

I've done a series of flat art animations for the Stock Show, but these are my favorite. As usual, the layouts were provided by Creative Ammo.

This educational health video was animated using the assets and layouts Live 4 Life Media provided. It was kept simple. Note that this version retains the scratch VO tracks.

The animations here were pointedly kept simple to keep the viewer's interest on the extensive information each layout displays. I added some flair where I could.